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How to Get the Best Assistance from a Personal Concierge


Travel Planning & Organization

  1. Plan Your Travel.Whether it is a pleasure holiday or a business tour, personal concierge helps an individual to plan the trip meticulously. From the point of departure to the point of arrival, a personal concierge can create an easy to follow schedule for you to efficiently carry out all tasks in time as well as within your budget.
    • There is a unique service provided by a personal concierge, i.e. If you need to get up at midnight or in the early morning, then concierge gives you a wake up call at the pre-decided time. Also, he may accompany you to assist you throughout the journey if you ask for his companionship.
  2. Get Familiar with the foreign land.An individual may wish to fly to a foreign land without knowing its whereabouts; many of us do that. A personal concierge becomes a tour guide at such odd times; he familiarizes you with the local culture, expected expenditure, tourist spots and market of the destination state. So when you take the flight to the foreign land, you won't find it strange and will feel comfortable.
  3. Ticket Arrangement.After planning and guiding, personal concierges look after all the travel arrangements. The first and foremost task in his to-do list constitutes booking tickets for the destination place. Whether those are air tickets, train tickets, or bus tickets, he arranges everything well in time.
  4. Event Ticket Procurement.The personal concierge will make sure that you attend the popular events (maybe sports, cultural, musical, etc.) of the state. The concierge seasons each rich flavor of the state through its excellent advance arrangements.
  5. Hotel & Restaurant Booking.Lodging and dining make the most of a trip; you can be carefree about these if you have a personal concierge on your side. To ensure an easy and enjoyable trip, he takes care of the minutest jobs like advanced booking in the hotel and reservation of a table in the restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You just need to take care of your briefcase (which is also set by concierge). That’s it!
  6. Quick Taxi Services.It is common to find that taxi drivers charge more to tourists/visitors and in many states cab service is not even safe. To shield from uncertainty and adversity, concierge arranges reliable taxi service for you. It is sure that you will never get a headache outstation if your visit is completely arranged by a concierge.


  1. Payment of Bills.Your efficiency may dip at the office if you keep on thinking about your personal to-do-list. It is better to delegate the task list to personal concierge. Now you need not run to the bank in the short lunch break to deposit your electricity bill, water bill, telephone bill, house tax, etc.; all these services are provided under the concierge service program. Let your concierge assist you in small & sweet ways.
  2. Payment of Insurance Premiums.Personal Concierge makes it a point to deposit all your insurance premiums in time; you need not confront the monotonous calls from insurance officers reminding you of the last date. You have to just ensure that you explain each and everything in detail to the appointed concierge.
  3. Bank Transactions.If your friend or a relative stays outstation and requires money urgently and in case you are also busy at the office, then concierge is a trustworthy friend in disguise who can make the bank transactions on your behalf. Other than this, he can also pay your EMIS in time provided you clear him about your financial liabilities beforehand.


  1. Grocery Shopping.The concierge can lend you his services for grocery shopping. Maybe you are busy or lazy, in any case he will be ready to serve your moods. You just need to pass on the list of items required, he will do the needful on his own.
  2. Leisure Shopping.Don’t forget that personal concierge is your friend also; if you have free time on weekends or otherwise and you want to shop as well as wile away time in expensive malls, you can ask him to accompany you for leisurely walks and window shopping.
  3. Gift Shopping.If it is already 7 by your watch at the office and you have not bought any gift to present to your best friend on his wedding anniversary that happened to be today, then don’t worry - instead take the assistance of your concierge to buy the gift. Surely, he will buy you an appropriate gift in time before you leave for the party. Besides birthdays and anniversaries, concierge service can be taken advantage in festival seasons like Christmas and New Year, i.e. delegate the task of purchasing gifts for nears and dears to the personal concierge.

Elder Care

  1. Lifestyle Manager.Concierge organizes the lifestyle of senior citizens and ensures that they lead a disciplined life. Timely meals, medicine, doctor visits, exercise, etc. are a few things to mention that shows how concierge looks after your old parents.
  2. Personal Assistant.Besides the friends and managers role, personal concierge’s primary job is to assist you with simple tasks like grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning house, laundry, ironing, etc. He enables elders to stay relaxed, cheerful and healthy.


  1. Yoga Trainer.The concierge service program also includes fitness classes; depending on your interest you can always customize the concierge package. If you are inclined for Yoga, your personal concierge becomes your Yoga Guru (Trainer) and teaches you various asanas (positions) to bring you eternal ecstasy.
  2. Spa & Salon Treatment Services.You can also avail the superior spa and salon treatments for a supple skin and revitalized senses. The personal concierge assists you in fixing the appointment at your choicest spa center and can also arrange an expert to visit your place to individually treat you with the soothing therapies.
  3. Personal Trainer.The personal concierge becomes your personal trainer when you decide to slim down through regular walk and exercise. He teaches you many new exercises that keep your whole body fit and healthy. In case you want to join the gym, he arranges that also for you.


  1. Planning and Organizing Event.All occasions can be celebrated with out of the box ideas, if you have personal concierge. From venue selection, decoration, catering, sitting arrangement to negotiations, concierge meticulously plans and organizes all events for you. Whether it is a birthday, festival or any other occasion, he is always on his toes to make your celebration a lasting joy to cherish.
  2. Arranging Celebrities.If you like pomp & show, then you can ask your concierge service provider to arrange celebrities to grace your celebration. Concierge ensures that your celebration stands out from the ordinary parties and your guests enjoy walking shoulder to shoulder with celebrities.
  3. Guest Invitations.Inviting friends and relatives is one of the complicated tasks that needs to be carried out with core attention. From mailing to in-person invitation, it must be ensured that none is left.The personal concierge takes up the demanding task and promises up-to-the mark performance.
  4. Pick & Drop Services.Besides picking up all the guests from different destinations (home or airport or railway station) to get them to the hotel for them to give a final touch to their appearance (a little blush, lip color & mascara for the ladies and moving tie or galluses to the right place for men) and then dropping them to the venue, concierge service is also extended to drop guests to their choicest destination. You can chose either ordinary taxi services or limousine taxi service for your guests according to your budget.

Household tasks

  1. Housekeeping.It is very important to run all the basic errands smoothly for a peaceful life. The neat bed, cleared trash bins and clean floors make a home tidy that’s very close to a comfortable lifestyle. The personal concierge service program includes all these basic errands running job responsibilities.
  2. Cooking.No more you need to skip your meals just because you did not get the time to cook; concierge does this job carefully (with absolute ownership) for you.
  3. Laundry.Your laundry bags will no more overflow or stink just because you were busy with extended office work, parent teachers meet and other chores; concierge assists you in all laundry jobs. You need not even stand in queues to wait for your laundry turn.
  4. Home Maintenance.A broken tap can be difficult to digest for your neighbors if not you. And, saying that you don’t have time will not fix it. For all such breakdowns at home, personal concierge repairs and looks after each of your belongings (furniture, garden, pool, etc.) to ensure a smooth living.
  5. Pet Care.If you love dogs and cats, but don’t have any at your home just because you are always short of time, then throw all tantrums as concierge service helps you realize your dreams. Concierge will take your pet animal for a walk and vaccination as well as he will give it proper food at the right time.

Lifestyle Management

  1. Your lifestyle becomes manageable through the best assistance of personal concierge.He bestows you with the valuable time for which you were messing up with the personal as well as professional life. Concierge Service assists you to live a peaceful and calm life without any tension and lingering stress chains by managing all the above-mentioned spheres of your life.


Personal Concierge Service assists your life to blossom completely without any turns or curls through errand services like travel planning & organizing, event management, finance tasks, shopping, housekeeping, maintenance, body fitness services and absolute lifestyle management services.

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How to Get the Best Assistance from a Personal Concierge
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