Hearthstone: PRIEST Deck Basics & Beginner's Guide

How to Use the Priest in Hearthstone

Two Methods:

The Priest is a type of hero on Hearthstone that can be used as an attack hero. It is fairly easy to beat, and sometimes can be considered weak. However, if you use your Priest in the right way and enough to level it a high level, it may just become the most powerful hero of all your decks.


Creating a Deck

  1. Create your own deck for the Priest.A basic deck is not that powerful and contains only 20 basic cards. Visit the Hearthstone app on your device or computer, and log into your account. Click "My Collection" and select "Create Deck". Select the Priest and choose the right types of cards to create your own deck.
  2. Don't waste the deck on high mana cost cards or spells only.Minions can help more since usually spells just deal low damage, keep to the curve:
  3. Select a good number of spells and low-cost minions.
    • Choose good and powerful low-cost minions since when you have too many high-cost minions, you will not be able to put any good minions down in a battle at the beginning, and by then, the enemy will have several minions on his battlefield that you cannot destroy.
    • Find good quality spells that are helpful for the priest, such as ones that restore health, give ""attack"" to other minions, weapons, or spells that destroy strong enemy minions. A good spell you can choose is giving ""attack"" to other minions since the priest doesn't have many high attacking low-cost minions.
    • Choose a good number of spells and minions, and be sure they are balanced. 10 spells and 20 good minions would be helpful. 15 and 15 of each will also help.
  4. Find minions withBattlecry,Deathrattle, orCharge.These can help you win a battle more easily. With Battlecries and Deathrattles, minions can do helpful things when they die or when they are put on the battlefield. Choose minions with Charge as well. Minions without Charge have to wait for the next turn when they are put on the battlefield to attack; while Charge minions can attack right away.
    • A minion with ""Battlecry"" does something when it is put on the battlefield. This can be ""drawing cards"", ""dealing damage"", or ""giving other minions more attack power"". It can also even be giving a minion ""Taunt, Charge, Spell-Damage or Stealth"".
    • Add minions with ""Deathrattle"" as well. These minions will do something when they die, and if it is severe, your enemy will probably not want to kill it, e.g Sylvanas Windrunner, otherwise keeping the minion on the battlefield and ""silencing it"".
    • Charging minions can be useful as well. They can be used not only to attack the enemy hero right away but also to kill powerful enemy minions. Charging minions are almost made to kill an enemy minion and come another time, even when they die too.
  5. Choose minions with Taunts.If a minion with Taunt is put on the board, the enemy will not be able to attack your hero until they kill the taunt. Minions with taunt act as a shield for your hero, and if you have several of them, you're in luck.
    • Find more low-cost minions that have Taunt, even if they don't have much health. The Goldshire Footman is a good choice, as well as the Ironfur Grizzly. They can still be hard to kill when the battle just starts since there is not a lot of mana for cards to kill the taunt.
    • Choose Taunts with a lot of health, along with some spells that might be useful. Most Taunts have health like 6 or 5. Those Taunts can be helpful, especially if you have some spells you can use to reinforce them. Spells like the ones that double health or give Divine Shield/more attack and health can be helpful, since it makes the Taunt harder to kill.

Attacking With the Priest

  1. Review the cards you have drawn.Be sure they are low cost. If they are too high cost, are all spells, or just won't help out in any way, remove them. Look at the new cards you draw and make sure they are good. If they are still a high cost in mana, it's best to try to exit this battle and try another one.
  2. Wait until your turn.If it is your turn, it is normal to just end your turn without doing anything. However, if you have something good to start off with, choose it and put it on the battlefield. A good one you can start off with is a one cost Taunt, or a one mana cost charge, such as the wild boar. You can also put down a 0 cost card if you have any.
  3. Save good cards.Some cards that have high attack or is a good spell/secret can be exciting to put down to defeat your opponent. However, your opponent usually will have spells such as Execution, (this is a spell that destroys a minion no matter if it has Taunt, Divine Shield, etc.). They can also have cards that change a minion's health to 1, which makes it easier to kill. Put down your good cards when it seems that your opponent doesn't have any more spells or has run out of cards.
  4. Heal your hero and minions only when needed.Don't always heal yourself when you have the chance to deal damage that turn. Heal it when necessary, such as when you are low on health, or a really important minion is about to be killed. Put down minions that can attack, but can restore health as their Battlecry if you really need to.
  5. Don't run out of cards.Do not put down a lot of cards that draw more cards or discard cards. You get about 25 cards in your deck, and if you run out of cards, you will easily lose the game since when you don't have any more minions to put down, your minions will be killed, and nothing will be left to fight with.
  6. Use spells when necessary.The Priest doesn't have many spells, so it's best to use them only when needed. Put down spells after you put down a minion if it gives ""attack"". Use spells that restore health on your hero when it is low on health, or when an important minion you need is about to die.
    • Choose good secrets to put down. There is a number of secrets that each hero should have. Since the Priest uses other strategies using mostly minions, it doesn't have many secrets either unless you get them using Kezan Mystic. Use them only when they're really needed since they are in short supply.

Community Q&A

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  • Don't make your deck only with low cost minions - they are not the only ones that will help you kill the enemy hero, and they might have only 1 health. But these cards' effectiveness should not be taken lightly. For example, if you are playing Dragon Priest, Twilight Whelp makes a great start. Or Northshire Cleric for card(s) drawn early in the game.
  • Use cards that make your cards cost a number of mana less, such as the Emperor Thaurissan. This makes the card you get cost 1 less per end phrase of each turn These cards help you set up combos or reduce of cost of high cost minions.
  • Add cards that make your opponents spells cost more. Loathe makes the enemy's spells cost 5 more for 1 turn. This works perfectly with combo decks like Miracle Rogue or Malydruid (This only works in Wild Format only)
  • Justicar Trueheart will replace your hero power and double whatever it can do. For example, if the Priest could only restore 2 health, use this card so you can restore 4 health instead.
  • Save removals like "Shadow Word: Pain" and "Shadow Word: Death" for big threats, i.e., Shadow Word: Pain for Brann Bronzebeard, Shadow Word: Death for Ragnaros the Firelord.
  • Priests are extremely vulnerable to 4-attack minions, since "Shadow Word: Pain" affects only minions whose attacks are 3 or lower, and "Shadow Word: Death" affects only minions whose attacks are 5 or higher. For 4-attack minions, if it has low value, i.e., Injured Blademaster, kill it. If it has high value, i.e., Ysera, "Entomb" it.
  • Some priest cards have good synergy with each other. I.e., Auchenai Soulpriest and Circle of Healing make a good board clear, extremely effective against aggro decks. Or Priest of the Feast and cast a lot of spells for healing (DO NOT use this combo with an Auchenai Soulpriest on your side of the board.)
  • Card draw matters in Hearthstone. Always look for ways to draw cards before doing anything. Northshire Cleric and Power Word: Shield give you good card(s) draw.
  • Know when to trade and when to go face.
  • Priests excel in using other classes' cards from their decks to the priests advantage. Cards like Thoughtsteal and Shifting Shade are some goods example.
  • The power in priests also consists of controlling other players minions. Sylvanas Windrunner, Cabal Shadow Priest, Mind Control Tech (Not common), Mind Control (Not common), etc.are the perfect examples. Sylvanas Windrunner also has good synergy with N'Zoth the Corruptor.
  • Sometimes "Shadow Word: Death" should be used on your own minions. For example, "Shadow Word: Death" your own Sylvanas Windrunner to snatch away the opponent's Ragnaros the Firelord.
  • Meta decks now: Dragon Priest, N'Zoth (Deathrattle) Priest.

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How to Use the Priest in Hearthstone
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